About Us

Happy Little Singers is a subscription-based singing & music education program that uses a combined approach of creative multimedia (both offline and online) as well as in-person classes and events to effectively teach children aged 3 to 6 to…

  • develop their singing voicesIMG_7824
  • match pitch and sing in tune
  • have a strong sense of pitch and rhythm
  • develop good singing habits
  • develop their awareness of breath and posture
  • learn the Solfège system (i.e. Do-Re-Mi)
  • learn a real musical instrument and follow sheet music
  • have fun singing and creating  music!

Much More Than a Music and Movement Class

IMG_8240Music and Movement classes typically involve a combination of physical and musical activities with some play with percussive instruments, such as shakers, rhythm sticks, bells, etc. Such classes are a wonderful way for babies and toddlers to get started on their musical discovery.  While our program does incorporate some movement activities, our focus is to teach children to develop their interest and skills in singing specifically, while also building a solid foundation in music. As such, all of the activities have been handpicked, developed and approved by a team of professional singers, singing teachers and experts in children’s education. Through games and hands-on activities, children also learn important musical concepts and theories, including the solfège system, in fun and dynamic ways. What’s more, all children enrolled in the program learn to play songs on a real musical instrument. As kids are taught to play music, they learn to match the pitch of their voices to the pitch of the sounds from their instrument. On top of that, they experience the excitement, joy and pride of being able to follow sheet music and play songs all by themselves!

Music Every Day
Happy Little Singers also provides fun and accessible tools for parents, caregivers and IMG_7828
educators to easily engage in joyful, meaningful singing and musical play with their children and students both inside and outside of the classroom
.  Furthermore, the Happy Little Singers video series (coming soon!), provides enrolled families with a plethora of additional musical activities that can be enjoyed at any given moment, including internal hearing games, original sing-a-long songs, musical stories and much more!

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