How It All Began

CSMAKrystal_002Hi, my name is Krystal and I love to sing and share my love of music with others.

When I was a little girl, I remember that our house was always filled with music. Family gatherings became impromptu mini-concerts with relatives jamming and singing together, playing whatever instrument happened to be lying around the house.  Musical instruments were as common as pens and pencils at our place!

With both of my parents having very successful careers in the music industry, I suppose it came as no real surprise that I too ended up entering the business.  After receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Simon Fraser University, I was inspired by the work my parents were doing in Hong Kong and decided to train to become a licensed vocal instructor under the Speech Level Singing organisation. Later on, I received further training, as well as an Advanced Level Certificate under the Institute for Vocal Advancement.  Now in my tenth year as a full-time vocal coach, I remain committed to helping others discover and develop their singing voices so that they can experience all the benefits that music can bring – a gift my parents gave to me.

In my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life, from legendary singers with hugely successful careers, to complete beginners. One comment that comes up time and time again with my students, regardless of their experience level, is this:

“If only I’d started learning this when I was a child…”. 

It’s certainly true that learning to sing is significantly easier if a foundation in music already exists.

When I had children of my own, I became particularly interested in early childhood music education. I wanted to know if there was a way that I could give my kids a strong foundation and love of music should they ever decide to take up singing (or any instrument) later on in life. In particular, I wanted them to learn music in a way that focused on process rather than performance

I spent two years researching, developing and training myself in early childhood music education. I even became a certified Kindermusik teacher, although I did not end up teaching the program after I received my certificate.  In my research, I came across Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory and became fascinated with his work.  According to Gordon, children should learn music as early as possible, and they should learn it in a way that resembles language acquisition. This idea struck a chord with me.  How amazing would it be if singing and understanding music were as natural to kids as their primary language. This is when I committed myself to developing and creating a unique music program with a specific emphasis on singing for young children – a program that was super fun and easy enough for parents to follow and complete with their kids in their own home. Combining my own research and experience with the expertise of my parents, along with insight and advice from a team of advisors who are experts in early childhood education, the Happy Little Singers program was born.

Music should be a part of every child’s day-to-day life. Through the Happy Little Singers program, my goal is to give parents, caregivers and educators a simple, fun and effective way to create a happy, music-rich environment that fosters a natural curiosity and life-long love of music for their children and students.

Musically yours,

Founder of Happy Little Singers